*All testimonials are reprinted with permission and encouragement from the authors, with efforts made to protect identity.  They are gathered together from reviews posted on the internet and letters written to me over the years as offerings of appreciation, and for which I am deeply, profoundly honored and grateful to have been gifted.
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For A Seed



I can’t recommend Eve highly enough. Neither my partner nor I were too enthusiastic about the idea of therapy, but we were both committed to try to work on our relationship and knew we needed a third party. I am so thankful that we found Eve through Yelp. She is absolutely amazing. I am always astounded by her ability to listen, to be creative with her suggestions, and to create a safe place for healing to occur. She is able to take even the most difficult moments and hold them for you, help you feel less alone, and then articulate a way forward. I have never met a person who is less judgmental. I personally find this so important when discussing things that are challenging, especially emotionally and psychologically. I wish I could sing her praises even more, but just know that all of these positive reviews are true. I feel blessed that she took us on. It has changed our lives to be able to work with someone as gifted as Eve.

~ Anon*


                                    Photo:  Eve Livingston


That life can be hard is not news.  There was a time before I knew Eve when I didn’t quite believe help like hers existed. Now I know that there are people out there to help; to have your back.

Eve is brilliant at what she does.  She is patient, non-judgemental, supportive, kind, and creative.  I am personally very grateful that she has my back.

Anyone who has felt as though help isn’t out there just hasn’t met Eve yet.  I urge you to reach out.


~ Anon*



Photo: Eve Livingston

To say that working with Eve was transformative on the one hand sounds over-the-top, and at the same time barely scratches the surface. About two years ago my long-term partner left me with no warning, and no explanation. I was devastated. And the pain just kept on coming….intensifying over time rather than abating. Eve really took the time to help me explore where the root of this unfathomable pain came from. Clearly some of it was the break-up, but most of it actually came from me: my self-esteem, confidence, hopes for the future….and strangely, some pretty deep rooted anger issues…..blah. Although it was not fun, it helped and I am better for it. Of all things, my boyfriend and I reconciled. This was not an intentional plan on Eve’s behalf….she also worked with him on issues which caused him to take the stance that he did…and this gentle nurturing allowed us to both look at one another in new ways and with love and forgiveness. Now I am not saying that Eve is going to help you get your man back, fix your relationship or otherwise perform miracles. What I am saying is that Eve is creative, gentle, incisive and intuitive. She allowed me the space and the option to view myself and my relationships with others in imaginative ways. This helped me to approach life and many of its dilemmas with a capacity I did not have previously. I can recommend Eve to anyone who is struggling without hesitation. My life would be a bleaker and more difficult one without having done the work with her which was so clearly required. She is unique and oh-so-talented.

~ Anon*



Eve is a true gardener of the soul.

She gives of herself wholeheartedly and thinks in terms of the whole person.

She has boundless energy for this work and is devoted to doing whatever it takes to see results. This includes conjoint work with family members and partners, work over the phone, recommended reading, many sources of enrichment……all tailored to what is best for each individual.

She will turn over every rock but this always feels like a conversation between equals, a truly collaborative effort with no judgment…only compassion, deep curiosity, patience for a client’s own timing and skill in unearthing the source of challenges, while uncovering strengths to discover anew and appreciate more deeply.

I have made significant strides and changes in all areas of my life since working with Eve: relationships with family and significant others, career, self-esteem, anxiety-related behaviors that have challenged me for most of my life….all have changed in a big way for the better, accompanied by a sense of self-worth and peace that I have not known before.

For me, this work with Eve has opened a door that I had only imagined in my mind. It is with great joy I find that this door is real and opens to a beautiful here and now in my life.  With her support and guidance, that door has opened to another kind of life, another kind of living….one that, despite life’s ups and downs which will always be there, has its source in an unshakable foundation inside of me.

In essence, Eve has guided me to possibilities living inside of me that I was unaware of before. She has done this with grace, with perseverance, with wit, humor, amazing skill and most of all, with great heart. If you do not feel love is present in your work with the person who is helping you, you are very likely in the wrong place. With Eve, I have been with the right person from the start. After seeking help in the past with other experienced practitioners, I can say unreservedly that Eve is unique in her field….in what she gives and has to offer clients who are truly seeking change, deeper self-knowledge, healing and integration on a deep level.

~ Anon*



On this birthday eve, I am filled with gratitude.  Thank you so much for making a space for my brain to rewire itself and my heart to heal and my insides to calm down.  I can’t imagine what I’d be like now if not for having found a space to be heard and a person to listen to and guide me.  What a different day tomorrow will be from all the ones in the last ten years.  Thank you!

~ Anon*




You steadfastly, calmly, reassuringly stay with people, helping them work through and change the complicated and difficult job of relating…living…being human.  You believe and live fully this belief that love is freedom.  Not just for your clients but for everyone.  You bring people an unwavering, intelligent, loving insight that sets us free from the injuries which many of us have hidden under bandages, wrapped and tied and rewrapped and tied, thinking we are well.  You know how to untie those frayed knots and layers of gauze, to let loose the ideas we bind and are bound by.  You believe in an intelligent, loving force in the universe; your curiosity and actions reflect this in a unique talent.

~ Anon*




With tears in my eyes, tears of absolute amazement at my luck to be here, to have the life I have, my kids, my friends, my work, to be able to breathe in deeply and smell an Idaho forest or the smoke from my kid’s birthday cake….I am so grateful to you Eve. You opened me up, helped me find the other side of my strength—the positive side that gives life. I’m going forward in my life no less joyful, but so much less fearful that the joy will be snatched away and I will be left circling the drain. I can accept the joy, the vulnerability, the pain, the whole-life-thing.

~ Anon*




Eve has a deep wisdom about her, she’s a true healer. She’s talked to me about some issues and has a wonderfully elegant and gracious approach and manner. She seems to have a talent for listening and finding the exact thing to say to illuminate an issue simply and with compassion. She’s given me a fresh, healthy perspective after only a few conversations and made a big impact on my state of mind very rapidly. Almost instantly. She’s the real deal.

~ Anon*



*All testimonials are reprinted with permission and encouragement from the authors, with efforts made to protect identity.  They are gathered together from reviews posted on the internet and letters written to me over the years as offerings of appreciation, and for which I am deeply, profoundly honored and grateful to have been gifted.