Eve Livingston, Ph.D.

Personal/Professional/Relational Coaching and Consultation




My Background

For over 25 years, I have been blessed with the opportunity to practice psychotherapy, Integrative Psychosocial Consultation and coaching in the San Francisco Bay Area.  My tranquil, welcoming office is in the Rockridge area of Oakland, convenient to BART (a block and a half away).

After studying a variety of literary, psychological and sociological topics as an undergraduate at U.C. Berkeley, I went on to work in the business world in management, career development and recruiting.  Later I returned to school to receive both a Master’s of Science as well as a Doctoral degree (Ph.D.) in Clinical Psychology.

Currently I help individuals, couples, families and groups with personal, relational and professional matters.  I also work with executives and leaders in a variety of industries helping them identify, execute and achieve goals for themselves and their teams.  I help people develop and hone their communication skills, leading to greater success in every area of life.

What am I “integrating” as an Integrative Psychosocial Consultant?  Imagine it as a dialog between feeling and thought, or heart and mind, contemplation and action, aiming for a beautiful balance.  In a nutshell, my aim is to serve as your committed assistant, educator and guide.  I am honored to put my best efforts forth to help you identify and achieve your goals, understand and change the way you experience your work, your life, your relationships, your ability to communicate.  All so that greater peace, relief, joy and success can finally be a consistent reality.  We will come to understand what it is you want, you need, and the struggles you experience which might get in the way of your success individually/personally and socially/professionally.  That is the “psychosocial” element.

Emotional turmoil often causes a sense of fragmentation.  A frustrating sense of things not quite working–not quite fitting together–at both personal and interpersonal (social) levels.  As your coach and consultant my job is to help you achieve your goals by helping you remove or overcome the obstacles and barriers slowing you down.  My job is to help you see the elements of your life which are confusing, upsetting, at odds, or simply just not working.  As human beings, we always have good reasons for these ways we can be at odds…the mind has predictable and natural ways of functioning, and these ways can be explained…but it requires intelligent, thoughtful, well-trained and caring assistance to shed light on the matter.  That light then allows for crafting, birthing and nurturing a life that is more whole, balanced, productive, integrated and happy.

This work is useful not just for individuals, it also has the capacity to change relationships and social dynamics, whether in personal, familial, romantic or professional environments.  I’m always happy to answer questions and explain how this process works and why it is transformative.  Whether or not I’m able to assist you immediately, I’m more than happy to help you think about next steps as you explore your options for change and growth.  Feel free to call me or email me to discuss any interest you might have in finding out more about how I might be of service.

My Philosophy and Approach

While now practicing consultation and coaching, which differs from psychotherapy–especially in its divergence from pathology oriented thinking–much of what informs me about the workings of the human psyche is a result of my rich experience as a therapist in the past.  I am trained as a Middle School, Object-Relations Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist, working with individuals and couples in private practice.  What in the world is a Middle School, Object-Relations Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist?  After Freud popularized the psychoanalytic method of psychological treatment, three main branches of thought evolved, inspired by the illuminating concepts of ego development and therapeutic treatment that he initiated.  Two of these branches remained quite faithful to Freud’s original thinking, but one set about discovering a newer understanding of emotional/psychological nature. Still utilizing many of Freud’s most brilliant insights, this school of thought more heavily factored in the ways ego development–in fact much of human experience–is influenced by early relationships and relational styles.  This has been referred to as the Middle School.

Fundamental to the thinking of the Middle School are the ideas of Donald Winnicott.  Winnicott, a pediatrician and psychoanalyst, had a stunningly beautiful and useful understanding of the way the human mind naturally develops, and just as naturally goes awry.  I am a Winnicottian, principally, though my thinking integrates the insights of many brilliant people who have lent their best efforts to explain and heal human emotions, thoughts, relationships and lives.

I have found, after extensive research on the matter, that the most logical, comprehensive and useful explanation of cognition and cognitive function, other than the psychoanalytic model, is that offered by Tibetan Buddhism.  As a result, I use certain Buddhist concepts to better enable me to explain the way our minds work at a cognitive level.  This is ultimately extraordinarily useful and effective, I came to find, after years of experience, as it dovetails perfectly with the other areas of my training and expertise.  I make it easy to understand, so that you can readily have it available to use as an additional tool for relief, insight, patience and compassion.

After practicing as a psychotherapist for many years, my work has evolved to a unique and personal creative style of helping which is an amalgam of coaching and consultation.  This is a holistic (mind/body/heart) approach, thinking on your behalf, helping you see things you previously could not, providing emotional assistance as well as immediate, pragmatic advice.  My style is dynamic, intuitive, creative, caring, interactive, involved and thoughtful.  Most importantly, I sincerely want to see you thrive.  Happiness is possible and I’m dedicated to helping you achieve it.  Whether you consult with me for one session or many, I am striving to provide you as much help as I can at every moment.  From the outset, my aim is the achievement of greater happiness and success as quickly as possible.

I am more than happy to answer any questions you might have that would better help you understand how I think, how I work, and how I can help.