Faith Is Change

by Eve Livingston

Faith is not some hard, unchanging thing you cling to
through the vicissitudes of life. Those who try to make it into this
are doomed to become brittle, shattered creatures.
Faith never grows harder, never so deviates from its nature and becomes
actually destructive, than in the person who refuses to admit that faith
is change.
I don’t mean simply that faith changes (though there is
that). I mean that, just as any sense of divinity that we have comes
from the natural order of things, is in some ultimate sense within
the natural order of things, so too faith is folded into change, is
the mutable and messy process of our lives rather than any fixed,
mental product.
Those who cling to the latter are inevitably left
with nothing to hold on to, or left holding on to some nothing
into which they have poured the best parts of themselves.
Omni-potent, eternal, omniscient—what in the world do these rotten
words really mean? Are we able to imagine such attributes, much
less perceive them? I don’t think so.
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